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American Consumer Opinion®

Our History

Decision Analyst originally created the American Consumer Opinion® panel in early 1986 as a small mail survey panel. Members were personally invited to participate in the panel by telephone, and answered the surveys via the mail. Since the surveys were conducted by mail, membership was limited to the United States. Members primarily tested and provided their feedback on new products. By 1995, the mail survey panel had approximately 20,000 Members.

...a decade later

And then came the internet!

Then, with the development of the Internet, the panel went online in 1996 and membership was opened up to all countries across the globe. The panel included over a million men, women, and children throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

...with online surveys since 1996

And now?

Today we have over 7 million active members expressing their opinions and making their mark on products and services across the globe. We've added in additional incentives like sweepstakes, allowing members to earn gift cards and other prizes. And our members have taken over 20 million surveys for which we've now paid out over $35 million dollars.

...join us in changing the world today!

American Consumer Opinion® seeks opinions on a variety of topics. Recent surveys asked members...

To evaluate new advertising for a retailer

About how and why they purchase and the use of gifts cards

Their opinions about the current economy

Their thoughts about tanning products and how often tanning products are used

To review an idea for a new fuel additive product for an automotive company

To taste test a new snack food for a food manufacturer

How happy they were with customer service from their local utility

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